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Airsolar One MAV - Vimana

Airsolar One - Vimana is the World’s First VTOL Cryogenic Enabled Solar Powered Manned Aerial Vehicle. It is a globally patented Invention. Airsolar One Vimana has been validated by The Ministry of Civil Aviation, India. Airsolar One Vimana is a disruptive invention with the potential to be a game changer for the commercial air passenger segment, cargo and Surveillance for The Defence forces. Airsolar One Vimana uses electricity generated from solar energy to fly and can cruise at an altitude of 20,000 feet with advanced 4 to 6 multi-directional ducted fans for propulsion and directional control. The lift is generated independently through cryogenic products and technology. Airsolar One Vimana has has vertical take-off and landing capabilities and can also stay hovering at a fixed geo-positioning for months at a stretch. Airsolar One Vimana can achieve a cruising speed of 300 kilometres per hour. Airsolar One Vimana is equipped with advanced avionics for safety and can transport 30 Commercial Passengers or 2.5 to 3 tons of Cargo. Airsolar One Vimana possesses monopolistic advantage in the short haul segment ie, 30 minutes to 3 hours flight duration viz a viz asset acquisition and operations.

Airsolar Drone UAV – Bramha

Airsolar Drone – Bramha is a solar powered Drone with 24X7 hovering capabilities and has a patented design and technology protected under Intellectual Property Rights. It is a miniature version of Airsolar One Vimana and can hover independently at heights of 400 ft to 1000 feet above ground level and is equipped with advanced 4/6 multi-directional ducted fans for propulsion and directional control. Airsolar Bramha Drone has solar panels mounted on the top to garner solar energy and generate electricity for continuous power supply thus removing the necessity of docking at ground stations for re-charging. Airsolar Bramha Drone’s console holds Li-ion Batteries for power storage and back-up and is can also be fitted with geo-positioning system to hover and stay locked at a geo-location co-ordinate. The Airsolar Bramha Drone also uses cryogenic components and technology to generate lift. The estimated payload carrying capacity would be 50 to 200 kilograms as the lift is independently managed through cryogenic components and thus there remains a scope to increase or decrease payload as per requirement.

The global aviation sector and the Defence Sector is our target segment.

We are looking at a synergy with an Industry Leader !

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